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Body fat replica made of soft silicone. Makes a fun alternative for a stress ball or paper weight!

Comes in 3 sizes, every piece made varies in design, softness, weight and size from eachother.

                   small- 2" at 36g

              medium- 3" at 84g

                 large- 4" at 160g

Body fat

Artikelnummer: GFFX205FAT
Preisab 10,89$
exkl. MwSt.
  • To remove blood, gently wash prop in lukewarm water.
    Once slime is removed set prop on paper towels to air dry.
    This method also works if prop starts to get dust on the surface.

    The slime component my shop uses is waterbased,
    if exposed to air for a long duration of time it will evaporate/dry