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The well known Beauchene skull or "exploded skull" has been an outstanding way to study anatomy. Founded by a French surgeon and anatomist Edme Francois Chauvot de Beauchene between 1780-1830, this method was created to show the 14 facial bones and 8 cranial bones.

The design of the skulls I offer were inspired by the artist Ryan Matthews.


The resin skulls are layered a certain way making for a realistic splintered effect far diffrent from any halloween or medical skull found!



Every skull comes with a tag explaining how "the person passed away", their age, genger and origin. The placement of each bone will vary slightly as will each base and hardware used.

They all come packaged to prevent damage, each section is wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped all the way around to keep the fragile piece form breaking.


Turn around time: 1 month once the order is placed

size: 18 x 7"   weight: 4 lbs   *size and weight will vary slightly



Exploded skull replica

Artikelnummer: GFFX412EXPLOSKU
exkl. MwSt.
  • These pieces will ship assembled with each piece wrapped in bubble packing. An identification booklet is added for studying.

    Due to the way I make my skulls some small parts might splinter leaving small fractured bits in wrap and box but nothing major will be broken.

    If however a major break occurs apon arrival please email me with photos/details on what happened and we can work out a resolution.