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An easy to apply latex or silicone mask that may give you enough courage to tackle crime (as a hero or villain...). Can be cast in various colors, latex has more of a matt, dull look to it while silicone has a vibrant shine to it.

Measures: 2"x7"

Each mask comes with application instuctions, glue and remover.


*colors will vary from each cast, silicone masks may have a slight translucency to them.

Hero mask

Artikelnummer: GFFX600HERO
Preisab 10,89$
exkl. MwSt.
  • Application of mask: Pros-Aide adhesive (white)


    Dip applicator in adhesive, apply a layer of Pros-Aide to the areas on face/prostheic you want to stick (avoiding as much of the eyebrow as you can)

    Let both layers of white adhesive dry to a clear fisnish, place carefully to your face and push it down.


    Removal of mask: Myristate (clear)


    To remove prosthetic, dip clean applicator in remover.

    Gently peel up a layer and roll applicator where the adhesive touches, gently peeling as you go.


    Once removed, any excess adhesive on face and prosthetic can be removed with left over remover or baby oil.

    Gently wash face with soap to remove oil residue from skin and let prosthetic dry to be used over and over.