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Human intestines small and large made from silicone.
Like most of my other products these are anatomically correct.


Small intestines are soft and able to twist and be compressed.
Measures: 20' from duodenum to the large intestines
Large intestine are partly hollow and can retain some fluid.
Measures: 5' from rectum to the appendix

Full measurements are 25' of realistic intestine! Full weight: 5 lbs

*color may very from each piece.

Turn around time: 7-10 days once the order is placed

Human intestine

Artikelnummer: GFFX203INTESTINE
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  • To remove blood, fluid or dust, gently wash prop in lukewarm water.
    Once clean set prop on paper towels to air dry.

  • If intestines get blood, dust or any unwanted material on them rise in warm water then let air dry on a surface that won't transfer lint.