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Large gear made out of soft foam and coated in urethane.
Urethane is water resistant & safe to leave outdoors, fully submerging the gear in water is not recommended. There are 2 styles avalible, style A are the 1st 2 photos and B is the 3rd. Keep in mind the diffrent materials might effect the shape of the product, along with finish. All paint jobs vary for each piece as I am not a wizzard.

Large gears

Artikelnummer: GFFX406LGGEAR
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  • This product is made from soft foam and coated in a urethane rubber,
    making the paint chip proof, water-resistant and safe to leave outdoors.
    Although the surface is water-resistant it is not recommended that this
    product be fully submerged.
    To clean, rinse off with water and place on paper towel to dry.
    Try not to wipe off as lint may transfer.