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Whether youre looking to have a strange pet or start an apothecary theses silicone leeches are a must have! The body is hollow so it can hold blood and the larger leech can suction onto parts of the body to give the effect that it's feeding!

3 leeches total come in a jar (1 large, 2 small), along with 2 ounces of fake blood with a pipelet to add blood in leeches.

Measures of each leech: 3" to 6"

Leeches are simiar to earthworms known as under the phylum Annelida.
They feed off of blood and once they gorge themselves can live off the nutrients for months! Simalar to earthworms they possess both male and female sexual organs.


Artikelnummer: GFFX125LEECH
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  • Get leech to latch on:

    To get the leech to "bite", gently squeeze its body letting out the air and place the mouth on the surface desired. Release your grip and the leech should have suction for a short time.

    You may also fill the leech with a little blood and try to do the same but it can get messy and may take pratice. Caution is adviced to avoid staining fabric. (blood may also stain skin)


    Blood removal/cleaning:

    To remove blood from the leech, gently wash prop in lukewarm water.

    If blood is inside the body take a brush and scrub it out or just let it soak and clean out with your hands.
    Once blood is removed set prop on paper towels to air dry.
    This method also works if prop starts to get dust on the surface.