As seen in the phtos, roundworm parasites strewn about the bottom and a magnified roundworm to show every detail! To make this piece even more unsettling information on the roundworm is featured behind the larger animal, the following reads as such.


"Warnings about roundworms:
Roundworms are parasitic animals that thrive in your intestine. In order to survive they need a host to supply them with nutrients (willingly or unwillingly). Sizes vary for a roundworm and like the name implies they have a round elongated body and range from 3" to 6". They enter the body through direct contact with skin or the mouth and are spread through fecal matter or soil.
 Once inside you they will live in your intestine for quite a long time and can have an adverse effect on your body. Seeking medical care is advised."

Magnified parasites

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