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Fake germ groth in a petri dish, compleat with type ups of each result for the bacteria/germ/disease. *the listings for sale start at the 3rd photo, the 1st 2 are to show of the product.

3: Salmonella (sytoms include diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps)

4: Enterococcus (UTIs, pelvis infections are commonly caused by this)

5-10: Mold (Linked to asthma, itchy eyes, and irritated throat)

11: Bacteria from salt water (A similar family of bacterium/cholera)

12: MRSA (A type of staff infection that's resistant to many antibiotics)

13: Hemolysis (Break down of red blood cells)

14: Aeromonas (A disease that can cause fatal hemorrhaging in frogs)


Turn around time: 5-7 days once the order is placed

Sets are an option for $20. they include any 1 dish, 1 veil of blood, 1 dropper.

The blood provided is a blood that dries and holds it's color. Let me know what dish is needed in the custom text section.


I take custom paint jobs, note for each commision it will be $10.

The base color in each dish is called "agar". Agar is the gelatinous medium that provide bacteria growth. I offer any color agar or bacteria/germ/disease.

You can select it in the product option and discribe what you would like in the custom text, you can also email a photo example at or

Petri dish groth prop

Artikelnummer: GFFX213PETRI
  • Each dish offers silicone, paint and latex. If you have a latex allergy let me know in the custom section and select "all silicone" in the options. It will cost $15 due to material cost.