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Every roughtail stingray made from silicone feels and moves like the real thing! The top half has a rough feel to it similar to sandpaper and the bottom is smooth. 

Size: 12x14 head to base/12x24 from head to tail   weight: 1lbs 9oz

After petting these majestic sea flaps flaps at an aquarium in NJ, they were so incredible, timid and cute I had to sculpt one!

Rough tail stingrays are a typr of fish that have long, thin tales which contain barbed nodes that sting. The toxin the tails spew out once ejected into a human or animal, but do not attack unless they feel threatened.

Silicone stingray

Artikelnummer: GFFX121STINGRAY
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  • If dust collects wipe with a damp cloth DO NOT SCRUB.

    Set on paper towel to dry.